Welcome to The Quail Hut

Welcome to The Quail HutWelcome to The Quail HutWelcome to The Quail HutWelcome to The Quail Hut
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About Us

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Backyard Hobby

We started with our small quail operation in the Spring 2019 in order to provide food security for ourselves, growing our own meat and eggs without the use of any chemicals, on less than an acre in our back yard.

We keep our quail in an 10 x 10 unheated, insulated shed. They are caged with a minimum of 1 square foot per bird. This winter, temperatures went down to -39 Celcius and the birds did just fine. They poofed up and snuggled into the straw together, and they survived it!

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Helping you with your hobby

But we are now expanding since we are finding so many like minded people, who are concerned about the quality of their food and want to ensure a healthy and consistent supply of wholesome meals.

Or even if you are looking for pets that have the potential to become food should the situation require it. A "back up" plan.  Quail can be very tame if you spend the time with them, and I find  they have a calming effect -- a very pleasant way too start your day.

Meet our Birds

Meet our Birds

Meet our Birds

Silver quail

We have a variety of coturnix quail and are working on proven lines. Until then we offer a colourful mixture of healthy birds, non medicated hatching eggs, and nutritious eating eggs.

Other Products

Meet our Birds

Meet our Birds

mealworm darkling beetle

We feed our quail non-medicated, high-protein feed, shredded cabbage and live meal worms that we raise ourselves. Our aim is to completely replace the feed but it will take us some more time to achieve that target.

Our Current Hatch

Your Questions / Our Answers

Your Questions / Our Answers

quail hatching eggs

Our hatch is complete! Here are the results:

0/7 - 2 month shelf-stored eggs

5/7 - 1 month fridge-stored eggs

      (two died)

9/28 - 3 day old eggs hatched

          - 5 pipped but did not hatch

We had a humidity issue in lockdown. The incubator tray leaked. We  believe this created the pipped but not hatched problem. So we have 12 happy and healthy chicks.

5 hatched March 12

6 hatched March 13

1 hatched March 14

Did you buy eggs from us?

Want to share the results?

Send us a picture of your hatch and we will publish it here!

Your Questions / Our Answers

Your Questions / Our Answers

Your Questions / Our Answers

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If you have any questions we will do our best to answer them!